Posted by: naturistreview | April 21, 2012

My Guide to Sleeping Nude, AKA Sleeping Natural

Sleeping nude can increase your comfort level. Many new naturists started by sleeping nude. Photo by Carla Contreras

The weather in my part of the world is getting warmer. Today was almost 90 degrees. You know what that means, time to start sleeping nude.

The following are some tips to sleeping nude:

1. I like to take a shower before bedtime. I dry off, brush my teeth, and then go to sleep. A shower before bed relaxes you and insures a clean bed.

2. I always have a t-shirt and sweat pants nearby just in case of an emergency. You wouldn’t want to run out of the house butt naked.

3. It may take some getting used to sleeping in the nude. If you can’t sleep nude, try sleeping topless or bottomless first. Then after a while sleep totally nude.

4. If you have roommates, you may want to inform them about your sleeping choice. This is especially critical if you’re in a dorm or share a bedroom. Respect your roommate’s feelings. Try a compromise like getting naked under the bed covers if possible. However, if you have your own bedroom who cares what you do.

Sleeping nude is the first step in becoming a naturist for many newcomers.



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  2. While I agree that nude is the best way to sleep, I’m surprised at the thought that anyone might need a tutorial.

    • believe it or not some people can’t sleep nude. One of the tips I’ve given over the years to new naturists is to start at home by sleeping nude.

  3. I have been sleeping naked and it has never been a problem. Though people do get shock when they find out.

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